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Green Power Markets

Green Power: from niche to mass market
Thirteen years ago we held the first European Conference on Green Power Marketing under the banner “With Green Power Marketing – from niche to mass market”. Back then we wrote the following introductory remarks: “Radical changes in the framework of the energy industry are opening up great opportunities for new markets. Renewable energy has an important part to play in this – no longer just as a means of image-building, but as a way of creating real new markets with outstanding growth potential. Companies which can devise and exploit a comprehensive, targeted marketing mix to trade and market green power will be the ones to reap the rewards. The green power marketing mix: Price – Product – Politics – Promotion – Placement.”

Thirteen years later, green power has arrived on the mass market, driven by a combination of ambitious and binding targets, support policies, market liberalisation, secure energy supply and climate change. Now supply and demand of green power are no longer simply down to consumer and supplier decisions, but are laid down at the political level. Political frameworks are the cornerstones of future market developments. The renewable sector could become the dominant force in the global energy industry over the coming decades.

The energy turnaround propagated in certain countries is giving the renewables industry an additional boost worldwide. It’s not only Germany that is making fundamental decisions on restructuring the energy supply heralding drastic changes in the political framework and areas such as the transport and distribution grid.

Another key factor driving the market is the cost reductions already achieved in areas such as photovoltaics, with grid parity at end-consumer level already in sight. Market integration will become increasingly important with the advent of grid parity and the growing market penetration of renewables. The question arises as to how to set up the framework so that renewables react to market and price signals.

Building on this foundation, the conference was designed to give market participants and industry makers a forum for debating successful strategies towards significant expansion of renewable energy.

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